About Deborah

My clients are…

Smart & Sharp
Capable & Clever
Intuitive & Gutsy

My clients are ready to get out of their own way …
To look deeply into themselves and find their own truth …
To align with their core values …
And discover the thinking that is holding them back
from having the rich and joyful life they seek

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I am a Master Certified Life Coach

I bring thirty years of education, training and experience
to the coaching process

With a compassionate heart and a nurturing perspective
I walk alongside you …
Guiding you to find your own peace and purpose
as you bridge the gap between the life you have now
and the life of your dreams

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Historically Speaking …

I have channeled my entrepreneurial spirit throughout my life in a variety of roles including bookkeeper, virtual assistant, bookstore and gift shop owner, bingo supplier (!), interior designer – and in my newest venture as a Professional Life Coach.

My background includes over 30 years of volunteer counseling and coaching with a myriad of clients from varied ages and backgrounds who have been seeking happier and more fulfilling lives.

I have experience with:
Career Coaching with PhD graduates
Family Counseling, including children
Family members involved in caretaking of their elderly parents
Teenage girls in crisis with their families
Women in transition
Women suffering with depression
Young women facing unplanned pregnancies

In addition, I have volunteered with:
Alzheimer’s patients and their families
Breast Cancer patients
Hospice patients and their families
Low-Cost Counseling Center
Open Adoption, with birth mothers and adoptive parents
Pregnancy Crisis Center
Rape Crisis Center
Suicide Prevention Hotline

Now as a Professional Certified Life Coach I bring those years of experience to provide a unique blend of coaching, counseling, and mentoring for my clients.

*   *   *   *

“dwell in possibility …”
(emily dickinson)

*   *   *   *